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Fundraising Activities


November 26, 2012 marks the beginning of the first Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree Holiday Event.

The “Healing Tree” – a ten-foot-tall Christmas tree adorned in Pink Lights -- will reside, for the duration of the Holiday Season, in the heart of the Oakway Center -- Eugene, Oregon’s premier boutique shopping center.

Everyone is invited to come to the Oakway Center to get a Pink Ribbon and on it, to write the name of the Breast Cancer Warrior (past or present) in their lives. All of those ribbons will be placed on the Healing Tree, where they will remain throughout the season.

The Healing Tree is intended to become a Holiday gathering place where local Breast Cancer Warriors can come to share their journey through ‘the parallel universe of Breast Cancer’.

In keeping with the Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation’s Mission to remove the barriers that currently prevent so many people from participating in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials, the Healing Tree will also become a Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Information Center during the Holiday season. Information regarding Breast Cancer Clinical Trials scheduled to take place in the region in the coming months will be available.

At 2pm on Sunday, December 23, the community will join in a circle around the Healing Tree to offer up prayers of love, hope, and strength for Breast Cancer Warriors and all who love or care for a Breast Cancer Warrior.

You need not live in Oregon to participate. Wherever you may be this Holiday Season, you too can share the energy of the Healing Tree.

On a 12-inch long Pink Ribbon, write the name of the Breast Cancer Warrior in your life and mail your ribbon to us. All Breast Cancer Warrior Ribbons received by December 22, 2012 will be placed on the Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree. Ribbons can be mailed to: The BCWF, 1292 High Street, Suite 150, Eugene, OR 97401.

There is no cost to have a Breast Cancer Warrior Ribbon placed on the Healing Tree, but donations are gratefully accepted (either by check – payable to the BCWF -- or online at: BreastCancerWarrior.net)




This Halloween, (and every Halloween thereafter until Breast Cancer is a thing of the past), Breast Cancer Warriors, their friends and loved ones will be helping The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation (501c-3) fulfill its Mission to create a world without Breast Cancer by going 'TRICK OR TREAT TO HELP DEFEAT BREAST CANCER'.

All who currently battle Breast Cancer; all who have survived Breast Cancer; all who have lost a loved one to Breast Cancer; all who know anyone who has ever heard the words "You have Breast Cancer"; all who want to help bring about an end to the epidemic of Breast Cancer are invited to take part in this Halloween tradition in honor of Breast Cancer Warriors past and present.

Students, your friends and your neighbors will be joining us. Many of them will be carrying an official BREAST CANCER WARRIOR "Trick or Treat" Donation Container, featuring the trademarked Breast Cancer Warrior "Winged" Logo. Donations can be made in cash, coin, check or money order. If you are not familiar with the Trick Or Treater at your door, or if you don't see the official "Winged" Logo on their Donation Container, feel free to make your donation via check or Money Order made payable to The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation (or BCWF) -- checks in the amount of One Dollar; or Two Dollars; or Ten Dollars. Write as many checks as you can afford, for whatever amount you can afford, and then give a check to those who knock on your door this Halloween and say: "TRICK OR TREAT TO HELP DEFEAT BREAST CANCER". Donations to the BCWF are tax-deductible.

Immediately after Halloween send 'Trick Or Treat' Donations to:

The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation
1292 High Street, Suite 150
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Tax-deductible donations to The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation can also be made online at www.BreastCancerWarrior.net

Breast Cancer Warrior apparel & gifts, including T’shirts, Sweatshirts, Bags, Jewelry and much more are available online at The BC Warrior Gift Shop and Armory; The BC Warrior Affirmation Outlet; and The Breast Cancer Warrior Store.

Halloween 'Treat' Donations as well as ALL net proceeds from the sale of Breast Cancer Warrior merchandise benefit The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation.

Whether you go 'Trick or Treating', or you stay home handing out 'Treats', on Halloween YOU can help The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation fulfill its Mission to create a world without Breast Cancer.

Personalized Gifts

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Mind Matters

Bernie Siegel, MD., Medical Advisor to the Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation; author of numerous best-selling books including "Love, Medicine & Miracles," world-renown doctor and expert in the field of the mind's ability to inspire healing, answers your questions:


Dear Dr. Siegel  – I have BC…and my oncologist says I need radiation.  I don’t know why, but…there’s a voice in my head telling me not to do it.  Should I listen to the voice?  Is it possible that some inner part of me knows something that the doctor doesn’t know?

– Sterling (SC)


Dear Sterling --  Yes this could be your intuitive wisdom or gut feeling or it could be…


Send your questions to Bernie Siegel, MD

info@bcwarrior.net It's that easy! Bernie's Q & A Column, MIND MATTERS, is now a regular feature.


Love, Medicine & Miracles Help Me Heal Me

Breast Cancer Warrior Gift Shop

From Cancer Patient to Respant

By:  Bernie Siegel, MD

Unfortunately doctors and health professionals, in general, do not study success. We are far more likely to consider an unexpected recovery to be due to the treatment or a spontaneous remission. However, I have learned from my experience with patients and by asking them, “Why didn’t you die when you were supposed to?” that they always had a story to tell.