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'The Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree' brings Healing Energy to Breast Cancer Warriors everywhere.

Healing Tree

'The Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree' and 'The Gathering Of Healing' bring Healing Energy to Breast Cancer Warriors everywhere.

The "Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree" - a custom-made, ten-foot-tall Christmas tree adorned in Pink Lights and Pink Ribbons -- will reside throughout this Holiday Season in the heart of the Oakway Center, Eugene, Oregon’s  premier boutique shopping center.

Even when a cure has yet to be found, the human spirit can experience healing, and a healed spirit can strengthen the immune system and greatly enhance quality of life.  That is the reason for the Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree and "The Gathering Of Healing" -- to symbolize, radiate, and magnify the healing energy generated by an entire community.

Everyone who has ever known or loved someone who has battled Breast Cancer is invited to write the name of their Breast Cancer Warrior onto a Pink Ribbon and deposit their ribbon in the Basket at the site of the Healing Tree.  One at a time, ribbons are removed from the Basket and added to the Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree.

On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2012 at 2:00pm, there will be a "Gathering Of Healing" during which the community will join together around the Healing Tree to offer up healing energy and prayers for all the Breast Cancer Warriors represented by the Ribbons on the ‘Healing Tree’.

Ribbons are available at the Healing Tree and in stores throughout the shopping center.

There is no charge for the ribbons or to have them placed on The Healing Tree, but donations to the non-profit Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation are accepted in stores featuring the ribbons, and online at BreastCancerWarrior.net

Wherever you may be this Holiday Season, you too can share in the energy of the Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree, and participate in 'The Gathering Of Healing'.

On a 12-inch long Pink Ribbon, write the name of the Breast Cancer Warrior (past or present)  in your life and mail your ribbon to us.  And, wherever you may be, at 2:00pm, Sunday, December 23rd, please stop what you're doing and spend a moment in prayer and contemplation, offering up positive, life-affirming, healing energy for everyone who has ever heard the words "You have Breast Cancer".

All Breast Cancer Warrior Ribbons received by Friday, December 21, 2012 will be placed on the Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree in time for the 'Gathering Of Healing' on December 23, 2012.

Mail your Breast Cancer Warrior Healing Tree Pink Ribbons to: The Breast
Cancer Warrior Foundation, 1292 High Street, Suite 150, Eugene, OR 97401.


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From Cancer Patient to Respant

By:  Bernie Siegel, MD

Unfortunately doctors and health professionals, in general, do not study success. We are far more likely to consider an unexpected recovery to be due to the treatment or a spontaneous remission. However, I have learned from my experience with patients and by asking them, “Why didn’t you die when you were supposed to?” that they always had a story to tell.