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About Us

The Web Site BreastCancerWarrior.net was initially created by former Los Angeles radio personality, screenwriter and comedian, Brooke Jones. It began with what can only be described as an 'other-worldly' experience.

Mid-way through Chemotherapy (and feeling nearly ready to throw in the towel), Brooke sat on the banks of a river in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun was preparing to set.  The sky was painted in shades of pink and blue.  As she looked up into the setting sun she spoke the following words:  "If I can't find a PURPOSE for my life, then I don't think I can find a PURPOSE for continuing to fight for it".  And then she went to bed.

The next morning she awoke with the concept for the web site BreastCancerWarrior.net, as well as the Mission for a new Breast Cancer non-profit organization called The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation fully formed in her head.   Despite the thick fog of Chemo-Brain that made her feel as if her brain were wrapped in a wet wool blanket, the specific details of this web site and the non-profit BCWF were crystal clear to her.  She jumped out of bed as if she'd been shot out of a canon, and instantly realized that as she slept she had been given a reason to continue her battle with Breast Cancer and, in fact, a PURPOSE for her life.  And thus was born BreastCancerWarrior.net and the non-profit Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation.

At the age of 55, Brooke had become the fifth woman in her family to hear the words "You have Breast Cancer". Determined to help other Breast Cancer Warriors (especially those newly diagnosed), Brooke reached out to doctors, nurses, caregivers, researchers, and Breast Cancer Warriors around the world and created BreastCancerWarrior.net.

When you learn that you have Cancer, the one thing you need most is the ability to think clearly – but the words "You have Breast Cancer" bring with them not only a potentially life-threatening situation, but also, for many, a sudden and complete inability to think clearly!  It is a terrifying irony that at the very moment that you most need to be able to think calmly, clearly and logically, you realize that the ability to think calmly, clearly and logically is completely beyond you.  Brooke describes it this way:   "When I first learned that I had Breast Cancer, I quickly realized that not only did I not know the answers – I didn’t even know what questions to ask!"

That is the purpose of BreastCancerWarrior.net – to help you find and understand reliable information, so that you can make educated, informed decisions -- decisions that will empower you to play an active, committed, passionate role in the fight for your life.

The stated goal of the creation of the Internet was to put information, knowledge, facts and figures at our fingertips.  Sadly, the unintended consequence of the creation of the Internet was to put conflicting information, erroneous facts, and inaccurate figures at our fingertips...and being able to tell the difference between what is reliable and what is not, can, for the newly-diagnosed Breast Cancer patient, be a matter of life and death.

On this Site you will find detailed, understandable, up-to-date, and reliable information that will help you make sense of your specific diagnosis -- information about treatment options, drugs, tests, Reconstructive Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Alternative Therapies; Clinical Trials; Nutrition; Coping Strategies,  and much, much more.

BreastCancerWarrior.net also features the on-going Comic Strip Series BC WARRIOR "Save A Boob Or Bust",  in which Breast Cancer Warriors tell the story of their 'journey through the parallel universe of Breast Cancer'.  Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always honest, BC WARRIOR, The Comic Strip, is our way of sharing what we’ve been through (and continue to go through) and proving to you that whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re experiencing, you’re not the only one who’s felt it, thought it, or experienced it!

On BreastCancerWarrior.net you will also find the Question and Answer column, MIND MATTERS, in which Bernie Siegel, MD (the world-renown doctor, expert in the field of the mind's ability to inspire healing, and author of such best-selling books as "Love, Medicine & Miracles") answers your questions.  If you have questions about coping with Breast Cancer and things you can do to help find peace amidst the pain and chaos of Breast Cancer, click on CONTACT US, type your question, and hit SEND.  Your questions and Dr. Siegel's answers will be posted in the MIND MATTERS column on BreastCancerWarrior.net.  (of course,when we post your questions we NEVER include your name or contact information!)

BreastCancerWarrior.net receives no money or compensation of any kind in exchange for recommendations or endorsements.  If something is endorsed or recommended by BreastCancerWarrior.net it is because the Breast Cancer Warriors of BreastCancerWarrior.net have used it and found it to be reliable and beneficial.

BreastCancerWarrior.net has created several online stores (The BREAST CANCER WARRIOR Store; The BC WARRIOR AFFIRMATION OUTLET, and The BC WARRIOR GIFT SHOP & ARMORY)  –  unique Boutiques in which you'll find an amazing assortment of clothing and gifts (including zip-front Sweatshirts that are perfect for Chemo Day), plus loads of T'Shirts (for women; men; teens and even toddlers and infants); jewelry (BC Warrior Pendants are becoming quite the rage!); pillows; Mugs; Hats; Journals; BC Warrior Teddy Bears; Clocks; Mousepads; Aprons; Eco-friendly Grocery Bags; and much MUCH more....each emblazoned with the empowering registered BC WARRIOR LogoALL net proceeds from these Official Breast Cancer Warrior Stores benefit The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation.

We pray that someday VERY soon, sites such as BreastCancerWarrior.net will be unnecessary, because the cure (and the prevention) of Breast Cancer will have been found.  Until that time, BreastCancerWarrior.net will be here to offer help, support, community, compassion, and laughter to BC WARRIORS, their friends and families.

We wish you peace. We wish you joy.  We wish you strength.  We wish you well.


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Trick or Treat To Help Defeat Breast Cancer


TRICK OR TREAT To Help Defeat Breast Cancer

Here’s how you do it:

Between now and Halloween, collect One Dollar from as many people as you can, then mail it, in the form of a Check or Money Order (payable to The Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation, or BCWF) to:


Mind Matters

Bernie Siegel, MD., Medical Advisor to the Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation; author of numerous best-selling books including "Love, Medicine & Miracles," world-renown doctor and expert in the field of the mind's ability to inspire healing, answers your questions:


Dear Dr. Siegel  – I have BC…and my oncologist says I need radiation.  I don’t know why, but…there’s a voice in my head telling me not to do it.  Should I listen to the voice?  Is it possible that some inner part of me knows something that the doctor doesn’t know?

– Sterling (SC)


Dear Sterling --  Yes this could be your intuitive wisdom or gut feeling or it could be…


Send your questions to Bernie Siegel, MD

info@bcwarrior.net It's that easy! Bernie's Q & A Column, MIND MATTERS, is now a regular feature.


Love, Medicine & Miracles Help Me Heal Me

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From Cancer Patient to Respant

By:  Bernie Siegel, MD

Unfortunately doctors and health professionals, in general, do not study success. We are far more likely to consider an unexpected recovery to be due to the treatment or a spontaneous remission. However, I have learned from my experience with patients and by asking them, “Why didn’t you die when you were supposed to?” that they always had a story to tell.